Beauty Insights, In-Context

By Therese Peterson, Vice President, Operations

At SIVO, we believe in meeting consumers where they are as it brings out authentic behaviors and emotions. So, when we had the opportunity to speak to Beauty Loyalists, this was a perfect example of doing just that.  One of our clients was looking to explore and build empathy about how people (women, and yes, men too!) define beauty, what it means to them, who influences their perceptions and how they achieve it. Since the subject of beauty is subjective, we thought that the best way to hear unbiased and candid thoughts was in their homes and also in key moments where they look to find it.   

Research Tech with a Human Touch: The Beauty Journey

We began with a 5-day Mobile Beauty Journal where people shared special moments of beauty, attitudes toward beauty and their personal beauty regimens. Through customized activities, we observed firsthand these enthusiast’s videos, texts, and e-collages of prepping for work, social outings and weekend routines. Across generations and ethnicities, people candidly revealed and defined what beauty meant to them. Our client witnessed first-hand, “the real deal,” and nuances between the generations but also became excited with the possibilities that came to life.

Out of the Conference Room, Into the Salons

While the mobile journal gave us a solid understanding and baseline profile of each enthusiast, our experienced team went even further. Rather than gathering these same loyalists at a traditional field facility, we hosted small group conversations at their local beauty salon and favorite beauty retailers.  The familiar and casual setting of their salon as well as being with other like-minded beauty loyalists elicited meaningful insights and created an environment of openness, empowerment — and fun! 

Most importantly, our client was there, with us, in the moment and attained authentic empathy about the power and wonder and mystery of beauty. It revived them and generated a deep and real level of empathy they said wouldn’t have even possible in a stodgy conference room. So, when possible, go to your consumers where they are…it’s where authenticity lives.


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