In the dynamic and competitive apparel industry, understanding the nuanced needs and preferences of a target consumer segment is paramount for any brand aiming for sustainable growth. A women’s apparel company faced a significant challenge in this regard. They needed to gain a deeper understanding of a new consumer target to inform their marketing strategies effectively. SIVO stepped in to help the company navigate this complex landscape using robust growth frameworks.


The company recognized that its existing consumer insights were insufficient for developing impactful marketing plans for a newly identified consumer segment. The company needed to uncover the motivations and behaviors of this new target group to tailor their marketing efforts effectively. The core challenge was to bridge the gap between the brand’s perception of consumer needs and the actual desires and preferences of the consumers.


SIVO employed a comprehensive approach that integrated both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to map out consumer jobs effectively. The strategy was twofold:

  1. Longitudinal Learning through Online Boards: We initiated the process by engaging both the company’s consumers and sales team in a series of online boards. This method allowed for the capture of longitudinal data, providing a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the evolving needs and preferences of the target consumer over time. Participants shared their experiences, preferences, and motivations in real time, creating a rich tapestry of consumer insights.
  2. In-Depth Exploration through Webcam Focus Groups: To delve deeper into the insights gathered from the online boards, we conducted webcam focus groups. These sessions facilitated direct interaction with consumers, enabling us to explore their motivations, preferences, and shopping behaviors in greater detail. The focus groups also allowed for the observation of non-verbal cues and the dynamic interplay of group discussions, which further enriched our understanding of the target consumer.


The combined approach revealed valuable insights that significantly influenced the company’s marketing strategies. One of the most important findings was the recognition of a crucial consumer need related to personal expression. This insight underscored the role of specific products as a means of self-expression within the consumer’s lifestyle. One participant encapsulated this idea by expressing the importance of individuality in their choices.

This deeper understanding of the consumer’s preference for unique and expressive items led to practical changes in the company’s marketing approach. The insights were effectively incorporated into the brand’s social media and digital advertising efforts. The new campaigns emphasized these products as key components of personal style, strongly resonating with the target audience and boosting brand engagement.

Unlock Profound Consumer Insights with SIVO’ Growth Frameworks

This case exemplifies the power of combining longitudinal and in-depth qualitative research to unlock profound consumer insights. By mapping out the jobs that consumers hire products for, brands can create more targeted and impactful marketing strategies. At SIVO, we specialize in employing growth frameworks that help businesses identify and capitalize on such opportunities.

If your brand is looking to uncover deep consumer insights and drive growth through targeted marketing strategies, SIVO is here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to understand your consumers better and achieve your business goals.