About Our Consumer Intelligence & Market Research Firm

SIVO Illuminates the Path Forward by Translating Questions into Insights and Action

With our fully customized approach to consumer market intelligence, we partner with your team to design and execute learning plans that meet your needs, and we don’t stop until we help you activate on the insights.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

SIVO is a consumer intelligence and market research firm specializing in understanding people and their needs and beliefs that drive behavior. We partner with world-class brands to answer key questions that fuel business growth and innovation. Our team of seasoned market research professionals is skilled at building rapport and trust with people and asking the right questions in the right way, with deep listening and empathy both in-person and online/via mobile.

We combine best practices honed over years of cross-industry experience with the latest capabilities to develop strategic research approaches specific to your unique needs. Our cross-industry expertise provides fresh strategic approaches to your business questions and challenges.

Connected by the common core belief that “in the middle” is where life happens, co-founders Marilyn and Cindy seek to deeply understand that elusive emotional territory – the gray areas of life and business. This focus inspired the name SIVO which means “Gray” in Croatian. SIVO’s talented team represents a variety of experiences and specialties combined with a fearless pursuit to translate insights into action.

Our Vision

Helping businesses understand people to create better experiences for all.

Our Mission

Be a trusted partner to solve problems and identify opportunities through our suite of insight solutions:

Who We Are

We are forward-thinking.

We have strategic research and insights expertise.

We have extensive
category knowledge.

We are forward-thinking

We have strategic research and insights expertise

We have extensive category knowledge

Better Together

Progressive Solutions​

Core Values

Masters of our Craft

Can Do Attitude

Do What You Love
with People You Love

Meet the SIVO Insights Leadership Team

Our people make the difference — energetic, confident, and passionate, each team member is committed to delivering the SIVO vision.

Marilyn Weiss

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Visionary

Cindy Blackstock

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kerry Juhl ​

Vice President, Marketing and Strategy

Therese Peterson

Vice President, Operations

Julie Rose

Senior Vice President, Client Experience