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Professional Research Consultant Roles We Fill

Access world-class talent on demand to drive your business forward. Whether you need skilled professionals for a finite project or temporary fill-in role, we offer flexible hiring options. With our platform, you can secure talent for as short as a few weeks or more than a year. Tap into our pool of consumer insights experts who excel at identifying insights that fuel success.

User Experience (UX) Insights Professional

User Experience (UX) Insights Professional is a skilled professional who uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand the product and service user experiences

Senior Data Analyst

The Senior Data Analyst is the guru of crunching numbers and making sense of big data sets, turning raw data into market insights and ultimately smart business strategies.

Quantitative Research Strategist

SIVO’s Quantitative Research Strategist is a valuable asset to any company that wants to make informed decisions based on data.

Qualitative Research Strategist/Expert Moderator

Qualitative Research Strategist is a professional who uses qualitative methods to collect, analyze, and interpret data to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and experiences.

Product Innovation Insights Strategist

SIVO’s Product Innovation Insights Strategist plays a critical role on the cross-functional team to help drive new product innovation for our clients by designing agile market research techniques

Online Survey Programmer

SIVO’s Online Survey Programmer plays a critical role in the market research process by transforming market research questionnaires into automated, online data collection tools

Market Research Online Community Manager

SIVO’s Market Research Online Community Manager is an expert at overseeing and facilitating Market Research Online Communities

Facilitator/Facilitation Expert

A Facilitator/Facilitation Expert plays an important role in helping groups of people work together effectively.

Customer Experience (CX) Insights Manager

A Customer Experience (CX) Insights Manager will conduct customer experience research to gather insights

Content Strategist / Presentation Builder

SIVO’s Content Strategist has deep expertise in translating data and insights into visually interesting storytelling.

Consumer Insights Project Director

SIVO’s Consumer Insights Project Director has deep expertise in consumer insights and market research project management.

Consumer Insights Generalist

The Consumer Insights Generalist has a broad and deep market research expertise to uncover consumer insights to help drive business growth.

Brand Communications Insights Strategist

SIVO’s Brand Communications Insights Strategist plays an important role of bringing the voice of the consumer into the development of your company’s brand communication efforts.

B2B Customer Insights Professional

SIVO’s Business-to-Business (B2B) Customer Insights Professional plays a critical role in helping companies understand their target markets, competitors, and industry trends.