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Brand Communications Insights Strategist

SIVO’s Brand Communications Insights Strategist plays an important role of bringing the voice of the consumer into the development of your company’s brand communication efforts. This can ultimately impact its success in the market. This Strategist uses a blend of research, creativity, strategic thinking, and communication skills to effectively influence the development of your brand’s message with relevant consumer insights, ultimately with the goal of creating brand messages that resonate with your customer target.

About This Role:

SIVO’s Brand Communications Insights Strategist uses a combination of consumer and brand communications research to bring the voice of the consumer to the forefront, to shape and guide your company’s brand communication efforts. The Strategist will leverage consumer insights to inform marketing teams and advertising agency partners as they work to set brand and communications strategy and develop creative executions.  This ensures that a company’s messaging and branding align with business goals and resonate with the targeted consumer audience. This Strategist has expertise in the following areas:

  • Market Research: This person has in-depth market research expertise to analyze industry trends, competitive strategies, and consumer preferences to guide brand communications strategy and executions. This includes research techniques such as positioning tests, early communication checks, copy testing, neuroscience applications, ad tracking, and digital ad experimentation.
  • Audience Analysis: This person can design and manage target audience segmentation research based on demographics, psychographics, and other relevant factors to understand consumer needs, preferences, and pain points.  Insights are then translated to communication strategy so that messages resonate with your intended audience.
  • Brand Analysis: This person can evaluate the current brand identity, messaging, and positioning. Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to the brand.
  • Developing Communication Strategy and Executions: This person will collaborate with the cross-functional team and agency partners to develop a consumer-centric brand communication strategy and marketing campaigns that outline how the company will create brand experiences that connect the target to the brand.  
  • Measurement and Analytics: This person will work with your media partners to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns for real-time optimizations. 

A Brand Communications Insights Strategist plays a pivotal role in shaping how a company is perceived by its consumer target, which can ultimately impact its success in the market. This role requires a blend of research, creativity, strategic thinking, and communication skills to effectively convey the brand’s message and connect with customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use SIVO On Demand Talent?
When you need insights and expertise for an open role, special project, workload surges, or to cover a leave of absence, SIVO On Demand Talent is here to quickly match our fractional talent with your needs.
How long does it take to start working with this fractional talent?
We are able to match our talent with your opportunity very quickly, typically identifying the talent within 3-5 business days. For more specific talent needs, it may take a little longer.
How much does it cost to hire this fractional insights talent?
The cost is based on the level of fractional talent needed and the duration of the contract.
How do I inquire about this talent or start the hiring process?
Reach out to contact@SIVOInsights.com if you are interested in identifying talent for your resource needs.
Does this talent have experience across the communications development process?
Yes, this talent has collaborated with clients and their advertising agency partners to develop the communications strategy (identifying the target consumer, insight and message) through communication development with qualitative communication checks and quantitative copy testing including neuroscience methodologies as well as in-market brand and ad tracking.
Is this talent able to work directly with my company’s advertising partners?
Yes, this talent is experienced with working with marketing teams and agency partners to represent the Insights function and lead the insights initiatives during the advertising development process.
What types of advertising does this person have experience with?
This person can work with your cross-functional team to develop a range of marketing content, including digital banner and video ads, traditional TV, social media, print, outdoor, or radio, utilizing a variety of communications research techniques. The choice of advertising type depends on factors like the target audience, budget, goals, and the nature of your product or services. In many cases, SIVO can aid in the development of a combination of these advertising types, known as an integrated marketing campaign, to help you maximize reach and resonance with your consumer target.
What is an advertising copy test?
An ad copy test is a method used in advertising and marketing to assess the effectiveness of different versions of advertising copy or content. The goal of an ad copy test is to determine which version of the ad copy performs best in terms of achieving specific marketing objectives, such as increasing click-through rates, conversions, or brand awareness. Ad copy tests are typically conducted before or during an advertising campaign to optimize messaging and maximize its impact.
When should I execute an advertising tracking study?
An ad tracking study is a research method used to continuously monitor and assess the performance and impact of your advertising campaigns over time. These studies can provide valuable insights into how your advertising efforts are resonating with your target audience, whether they are achieving your marketing objectives, and how they compare to competitors. Some businesses conduct these studies monthly, quarterly, or annually. The key is to use ad tracking as a tool for continuous improvement and optimization of your advertising efforts.
Does this Strategist have experience with Spanish language advertising?
Not all of our Strategists are bilingual, but when necessary, we do have Spanish-speaking Strategists within our network to help meet your needs. We will work to secure an experienced bilingual Brand Communications Insights Strategist for your project.

The SIVO Difference

WE ARE Strategy & Insights
Unlike generic recruiting agencies, who focus on a broad range of talent, we solely focus on placing the best consumer insights talent within your organization.

WE ARE Solution Architects
We solve your key business problems and objectives by finding you the right fractional insights professional with the specific skill set that fits your needs.

Why Hire SIVO

SIVO On Demand Talent places our network of insights professionals into client organizations for fill-in roles (covering a maternity or paternity leave or filling in while they are hiring for FT) or for special projects/initiatives that require resources beyond the client team’s capacity. 

How We Do It? We offer a personalized approach where we meet with the clients to scope out their needs – we listen and match our talent’s skills, expertise, preferences, and passion areas with the business need to create a win-win that will drive impactful results. SIVO vets for skills and expertise, and we encourage our clients to interview 2-3 candidates for their role to ensure cultural fit.