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Product Innovation Insights Strategist

SIVO’s Product Innovation Insights Strategist plays a critical role on the cross-functional team to help drive new product innovation for our clients by designing agile market research techniques to gain actionable insights to inform new product development strategies.

About This Role:

SIVO’s Product Innovation Insights Strategist plays a critical role on the cross-functional team to help drive new product innovation for our clients by designing agile market research for product development techniques to gain actionable insights. This person can help you identify emerging trends, consumer needs and preferences, and market opportunities to guide the development of new products that meet consumer needs and drive business growth.


This person can assist you and your team with:

Consumer Insights learning plans and innovation strategy:

  • Conduct in-depth market research to identify market opportunities and your consumer target.
  • Collect data to analyze and uncover insights on consumer behavior, preferences, perceptions, and values using a variety of qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies, including agile learning loops.
  • Collaborate with teams to develop strategies for new product innovation based on insights gained.

New Product Ideation and Product Development:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to brainstorm and co-create with consumer to generate new product ideas.
  • Use consumer research online and in-market techniques to to refine and optimize product features and benefits, claims, packaging design and formats, and to evaluate overall consumer acceptance of new product concepts.
  • Design learning plans to gain feedback on new product concepts.

Competitive Analysis:

  • Conduct a competitive analysis to understand category product offerings, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics.
  • Identify gaps in the market and opportunities to outperform competitors to guide decision-making.

This Product Innovation Insights Strategist can work with your team to guide the organization’s product development efforts by leveraging consumer and market insights to drive innovation, increase competitiveness, and ultimately achieve business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use SIVO On Demand Talent?
When you need insights and expertise for an open role, special project, workload surges, or to cover a leave of absence, SIVO On Demand Talent is here to quickly match our fractional talent with your needs.
How long does it take to start working with this fractional talent?
We are able to match our talent with your opportunity very quickly, typically identifying the talent within 3-5 business days. For more specific talent needs, it may take a little longer.
How much does it cost to hire this fractional insights talent?
The cost is based on the level of fractional talent needed and the duration of the contract.
How do I inquire about this talent or start the hiring process?
Reach out to if you are interested in identifying talent for your resource needs.
Is this talent experienced with Agile Innovation ways of working?
Agile innovation research techniques are designed to help organizations stay responsive and customer-centric during the development of new products or services. SIVO’s talent has worked with cross-functional teams that operate within the principles and practices of agile innovation and design thinking. This person will employ a combination of agile and traditional research techniques to get the answers needed to advance the project.
Is this Strategist experienced with insights tools across the innovation process?
Yes, this talent has experience with early opportunity and foothold consumer identification, consumer job, and demand space mapping, as well as concept development, product validation, and post-launch in-market learning. (SIVO also has facilitation talent that can lead teams through diverge/converge discussions and activation workshops along the process, too!)
What innovation research techniques will this person use in the new product development process?
This Strategist will utilize a variety of methods depending on the stage of the innovation process, the nature of business questions, the agility of the team, and the urgency of getting the innovation to market.  That said, this person may utilize User Interviews and Feedback Loops, Surveys and Questionnaires, Prototyping, A/B Testing, Usability Testing, Ethnographic Research, and Journey Mapping to identify key insights along the innovation process.
What are the key principles of agile innovation?
The Product Innovation Insights Strategist role is critical in the Agile Innovation process where the philosophy and key principles include: Customer-Centricity, Iterative and Incremental Development sprints linked to Continuous Feedback from Stakeholders and Consumers, Cross-Functional Collaboration and Empowerment, Organizational Flexibility, Open and transparent communication and Launch Small and Scale.
What industries does this Product Innovation Insights Strategist have experience in?
This Strategist has worked across a variety of industries to apply consumer-centric market research to the new product development process. You will likely need to provide the background and context for your specific industry and market dynamics, but after that, the specific approaches and techniques within the Strategist’s toolkit will almost always be applicable to your business, products, and consumers. That said, this Strategist will also be able to customize the learning plan and research approaches to operate within your specific business context so that you gain valuable learning and insights that advance your innovation initiative toward commercial success.
How long does the typical new product innovation process take, from early ideas to commercialization?
The duration of the innovation process can vary widely depending on various factors, including the complexity of the innovation, the industry, the organization’s culture, and the resources available. Some new product innovations can be relatively quick, 9-12 months, while others may take several years to come to fruition. This is also tied to the type of innovation you are trying to attain. For instance, developing new varieties of an existing product could happen within months and require a quick check-in with consumers to determine product acceptance. Conversely, new-to-the-world, disruptive new products can require thorough market analysis, a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences, new manufacturing facilities, supply chain development, test markets, and consumer education can take years to develop and scale.

The SIVO Difference

WE ARE Strategy & Insights
Unlike generic recruiting agencies, who focus on a broad range of talent, we solely focus on placing the best consumer insights talent within your organization.

WE ARE Solution Architects
We solve your key business problem and objectives by finding you the right fractional insights professional with the specific skill set that fits your needs.

Why Hire SIVO

SIVO On Demand Talent places our network of insights professionals into client organizations for fill-in roles (covering a maternity or paternity leave or filling in while they are hiring for FT) or for special projects / initiatives that require resources beyond the client team’s capacity. 

How We Do It? We offer a personalized approach where we meet with the clients to scope out their needs – we listen and match our talent’s skills, expertise, preferences, and passion areas with the business need to create a win-win that will drive impactful results. SIVO vets for skillset and expertise, and we encourage our clients to interview 2-3 candidates for their roles to ensure cultural fit.