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Consumer Insights Project Director

SIVO’s Consumer Insights Project Director has deep expertise in consumer insights and market research project management. This person specializes in effectively planning, executing, and completing your research projects of all sizes and complexities. This person works to ensure that the market research project meets or exceeds your expectations and results in valuable insights and actionable recommendations that meet your objectives and inform your business decisions.

About This Role:

SIVO’s Consumer Insights Project Director is an expert at market research project management.  This person will effectively manage the execution of your research projects as planned – and also on time and on budget!  The Consumer Insights Project Director works to ensure that the market research project meets your standards and results in consumer insights with actionable recommendations that inform your business decisions.  This person will: 

  • Ask the right questions:  This Project Director listens to understand your business needs and then design custom research learning plans that meet your needs.
  • Demonstrate strong project management skills:  Whether it is qualitative, quantitative or a multi-method research project, this person manages the research project, ensuring executional excellence, creating detailed project schedules and coordinating all logistics from project kick-off through fieldwork, analysis and reporting.  Upon completion, this person ensures that all project information is appropriately documented and secured electronically.
  • Work collaboratively with your teams: This includes managing your preferred vendors and building strong relationships with internal teams.
  • Monitors, anticipates and solves problems: The Project Director also ensures the integrity in the research design and troubleshoots issues that arise along the way, as needed.  This means monitoring project processes, paying attention to the details, and making adjustments accordingly, to ensure successful completion of the project, all while keeping you informed on issues, decisions and optimizations. 

If you are looking for someone to manage your research projects and work collaboratively with your team and vendor partners, SIVO’s Project Manager is exactly who you need on your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use SIVO On Demand Talent?
When you need insights and expertise for an open role, special project, workload surges, or to cover a leave of absence, SIVO On Demand Talent is here to quickly match our fractional talent with your needs.
How long does it take to start working with this fractional talent?
We are able to match our talent with your opportunity very quickly, typically identifying the talent within 3-5 business days. For more specific talent needs, it may take a little longer.
How much does it cost to hire this fractional insights talent?
The cost is based on the level of fractional talent needed and the duration of the contract.
How do I inquire about this talent or start the hiring process?
Reach out to contact@SIVOInsights.com if you are interested in identifying talent for your resource needs.
What industries does this Consumer Insights Project Director have experience in?
SIVO has CI Project Directors with experience across many industries: CPG, Financial, Healthcare, Travel, Entertainment, Technology, Retail, Fast Food, etc. We also believe that skills translate to new industries, so it isn’t always necessary to have worked in an industry to do quality insights work.
How much experience does this Consumer Insights Project Director have?
You can expect 15 years or more of experience as a Consumer or Customer Insights professional. This person can work on quantitative, qualitative or multi-method, multi-phase research projects, with all levels of complexity. You can also expect a mix of client-side and vendor agency experience.
Will the Consumer Insights Project Director work with my preferred vendors and internal teams?
Yes, this person will set-up team updates or attend standing team meetings, to collaborate with your cross-functional team and vendor partners to finalize the research project plan and to keep the team apprised of the project status and to discuss any questions or issues that may arise throughout the research process. This person has strong communication skills and understands that keeping the team informed of the project details is critical.
Note: This person can also work with your preferred vendor partners or you can also request a proposal from SIVO’s Consumer Insights Solution for your consumer experience research needs.
What are the most important soft skills of a Consumer Insights Project Director?
SIVO believes the most important soft skills in a Consumer Insights Project Director are: 

  1. Leadership and Communication: Effective leadership and communication is crucial for conveying project goals, expectations and managing the team and the expectations of the stakeholders. This involves providing direction, sharing details and motivating team members to achieve the research project goals.
  2. Attention to Detail: Managing the project timing to hit deadlines while staying on top of all of the small but important details is critical. This involves setting priorities, creating schedules, preventing scope creep, mitigating problems and distractions to ensure the integrity of the project stays intact and as planned.
  3. High Quality Standards: Ensuring that project deliverables meet the client’s and SIVO’s quality standards is essential. This includes setting quality criteria, conducting quality reviews, and making necessary improvements.
  4. Adaptability: Projects often encounter changes and unexpected challenges. Being flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances is vital for success.
What are the typical steps in a market research project?
While the specific steps in a market research project can vary depending on the knowledge that a team already has, the typical steps in the research process include:

  1. Identify and Define the Research Problem: Clearly define the research question or problem you want to investigated
  2. Review Existing Literature:  Understand what is already known about the topic within the company or in secondary resources.
  3. Define the Research Objective:  Formulate specific research objectives 
  4. Design the Research: Develop a research plan, including a detailed research design and data collection strategy.
  5. Collect Data: Execute the data collection plan by gathering information through surveys, experiments, interviews, observations, etc.
  6. Analyze Data:  Analyze the data and interpret the results in the context of your research objective.
  7. Report and Present Results:  Prepare a research report or paper that presents your findings in a clear and organized manner.

Remember that these steps may not always follow a linear progression and the specific requirements and details of each step may vary depending on the research discipline and the nature of the study.

I have a large team that will need guidance throughout the research process. Does this Project Director have strong leadership skills?
Yes, effective leadership is essential for the successful execution of your research projects, and the Project Director will serve as a leader within the project team.  This person will delegate tasks and responsibilities, and provide guidance and support to the project and cross-functional team members.

The SIVO Difference

WE ARE Strategy & Insights
Unlike generic recruiting agencies, who focus on a broad range of talent, we solely focus on placing the best consumer insights talent within your organization.

WE ARE Solution Architects
We solve your key business problems and objectives by finding you the right fractional insights professional with the specific skill set that fits your needs.

Why Hire SIVO

SIVO On Demand Talent places our network of insights professionals into client organizations for fill-in roles (covering a maternity or paternity leave or filling in while they are hiring for FT) or for special projects / initiatives that require resources beyond the client team’s capacity. 

How We Do It? We offer a personalized approach where we meet with the clients to scope out their needs – we listen and match our talent’s skills, expertise and preferences, passion areas, with the business need to create a win-win that will drive impactful results. SIVO vets for skills and expertise and we encourage our clients to interview 2-3 candidates for their role to ensure cultural fit.