Map Small Kitchen Appliance Market with Consumer Segmentation


The kitchen appliance brand wanted to understand the U.S. small kitchen appliance market better. Although the client understood the demographics of their buyers at a basic level, to grow, it wanted to understand how to market to a broader national audience of buyers, including purchasers of competitive brands. The client wanted to use consumer segmentation to aid in a rebranding project.


A national consumer segmentation study among small home kitchen appliance consumers:

  • Census representative sample
  • Scaling questions to define segments of customers
  • The study created and using a typing tool to bucket / batch consumers
  • The analysis included clustering of consumers based on demographics, psychographics, behaviors, and attitudinal factors


Through the consumer segmentation, a total of 6 segments were uncovered. It was determined that five of the six segments each represented about 15% of the 18–75-year-old population while another segment represented 25%. The segments were defined as:

  • Minimalists
  • Engaged Aficionados
  • Diligent Researchers
  • Brand Flexible Price Seeker
  • Emerging Enthusiasts 
  • Trusted Brand Shoppers

The consumer segmentation is used company-wide for marketing, strategic efforts, and competitive intelligence.