App Optimization with User Experience and Job Mapping


VISYN, a new smartphone app for athletic training, sought to understand its core target’s experience to drive app UI/UX optimization and fuel investor enthusiasm.  


  • Game-changing Participants: Recruited the highest quality participants with an innovation mindset to move the needle forward.
  • Experiential UX Optimizations: Discovered highlights and app optimizations through in-the-moment user diaries.
  • Elite Athlete Narratives: Engaged participants to reveal a clear and compelling sales story.


  • Precisely identified the product ‘job’ to create hyper-relevant positioning.
  • Fully optimized the app for user experience.
  • Identified brand ambassadors for VISYN from quality participants.
  • Tangible consumer input and compelling anecdotes drove investor enthusiasm, critical for a second round of funding.

UI/UX Optimization for Better Customer Experience

VISYN’s challenge of optimizing its app for a better user experience and attracting investors was successfully addressed through SIVO’s approach. The high-quality participants with an innovative mindset helped identify the product “job” and provided valuable feedback through in-the-moment user diaries, resulting in app UX optimizations, and engaged brand ambassadors. The tangible consumer input and compelling anecdotes also helped drive investor enthusiasm for a second round of funding. Overall, the approach had a significant impact on the product’s success and future growth.

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If you are developing a smartphone app or any product, the use of user experience and job mapping can lead to a deeper understanding of your target audience’s needs and wants and can optimize your product to meet those needs. Don’t overlook the importance of engaging the right participants with an innovation mindset, and leveraging experiential feedback to make changes that will resonate with your target audience. 

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