On-Demand Talent: Long-Term Community Management


A prominent multinational food and agriculture corporation faced a unique challenge: how to obtain periodic and insightful feedback from chefs nationwide in a cost-effective manner. They required a steady stream of input on new product initiatives, culinary concepts, recipes, and sources of inspiration. This feedback was crucial for driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

SOLUTION: On-Demand Talent Management

To address this challenge, this company turned to the concept of on-demand talent management through SIVO, a company renowned for providing expert insights and on-demand talent solutions. SIVO specializes in connecting businesses with highly skilled professionals who can deliver immediate and impactful results. By leveraging SIVO’s services, this company brought in a community manager. With extensive experience in community management, this community manager was the ideal candidate to lead this initiative. Her role was not just to manage the community but also to ensure that it operated at the high standards expected by this company.


The new community manager brought a wealth of expertise and qualities that made her perfect for this role:

  • Professionalism: This person’s experience in community management ensured she could conduct the panel to meet this company’s high standards. Her professional approach was crucial in maintaining the credibility and effectiveness of the feedback process.
  • Flexibility: The new community manager demonstrated remarkable adaptability, seamlessly handling a variety of projects and initiatives. This flexibility was essential in addressing this company’s diverse and evolving needs.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The community manager’s ability to navigate and resolve difficult scenarios ensured that the community management process ran smoothly, even when challenges arose.
  • Collaborative Nature: The community manager effectively worked with others, fostering a collaborative environment that advanced projects and initiatives. Her ability to collaborate was instrumental in integrating the feedback from chefs into actionable insights for this company.
  • Strong Storytelling: The community manager’s talent for synthesizing and sharing insights in a succinct and compelling manner allowed her to communicate the chefs’ feedback effectively, making it easier for the company’s team to leverage this information in their strategic planning.


Under the community manager’s leadership, the community management initiative had a significant impact on this company’s team:

  • Efficient Management: The community manager oversaw the community with precision, handling all inquiries and activities. Her proactive approach ensured that the chefs’ feedback was gathered consistently and efficiently.
  • External Perspective: As an external consultant, the community manager provided a fresh and unbiased perspective, interacting with chefs as a tertiary part. This external viewpoint was invaluable in gaining honest and insightful feedback from the chefs.
  • Business Partnership: Over time, the community manager became more than just a community manager; she became a trusted business partner and the face of the community. Her relationship with the chefs and the team solidified, making her an integral part of the feedback and innovation process.
  • Sustained Engagement: The community has been active for three years under the community manager’s oversight, demonstrating the initiative’s long-term sustainability and success. This sustained engagement has provided this company with a continuous stream of valuable insights, driving ongoing innovation and improvement.

Unlocking Success with On-Demand Talent

The case study of this company exemplifies the power of on-demand talent management in achieving long-term community management goals. By leveraging the community manager’s expertise, this company was able to gather critical feedback from chefs across the country in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The community manager’s professional, flexible, problem-solving, collaborative, and storytelling skills were key to the success of this initiative, highlighting the importance of selecting the right talent for on-demand roles. The positive impact on the community and its sustained engagement over three years underscores the effectiveness of this approach in driving business success and innovation.

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