Super-Charging Consumer Insights with Market Insights


A leading Loyalty Marketing and CRM Agency was looking to elevate its point of view on brand loyalty to maintain its thought leadership position in the industry. In partnership with Panoramix Global, SIVO explored the human side of loyalty and how brands earn true commitment from customer relationships.

Key Consumer Insights Questions

  • What are the values and traits of emotional loyalty versus habitual or transactional loyalty? 
  • What is the framework for translating emotional loyalty into authentic customer commitment? 
  • How is emotional loyalty actualized between brands and customers?


Our multi-methodological approach involving three research techniques provided a well-rounded and deep perspective to super-charge consumer insights with market insights:

  • Trend research including expert interviews with social scientists. 
  • Qualitative research involving consumer in-context and one-on-one conversations in key markets, exploring loyalty overall and in four business verticals. 
  • Quantitative research validating key drivers and mapping out key opportunity areas. 



SIVO and Panoramix developed a framework that identified 6 key drivers to earning emotional loyalty with customers. This framework was used to inform the Agency’s roadmap for helping its clients establish genuine loyalty at scale. Market insights and ideas for building customer engagement and experiences are featured in the co-developed “Humanizing Loyalty” White Paper. Click here for a link to this white paper.