In the wake of COVID-19, a nationwide childcare provider sought to delve into parent attitudes and perceptions regarding their specific childcare needs across various age ranges. The aim was to understand the evolving landscape of parent expectations and requirements, particularly focusing on critical aspects such as pricing, ideal locations, and interest in summer camp programs. This exploration was essential to cater effectively to the post-pandemic childcare landscape, where parental concerns and preferences had shifted significantly.


To achieve a comprehensive understanding, the company adopted a dual-method approach, integrating both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. This combined approach facilitated a deeper and more nuanced exploration of the parental landscape, enabling the company to:

  1. Understand the New Parent Landscape: By capturing a wide range of parental experiences and expectations, the company aimed to navigate the complexities parents faced in the post-pandemic era. This included understanding the emotional and practical aspects of their childcare decisions.
  2. Rank the Importance of Parental Childcare Pain Points: It was crucial to identify and prioritize the key pain points for parents. This involved assessing various challenges parents encountered with existing childcare solutions, including safety concerns, flexibility, and the quality of care.
  3. Assess Willingness to Pay More for Important Factors: Understanding parents’ willingness to invest more in childcare aspects they deemed critical was essential. This included evaluating their readiness to pay for enhanced safety measures, higher quality care, and additional services that addressed their primary concerns.
  4. Identify Differences Between Parent Segments: Recognizing that parent needs and expectations vary significantly across different segments, the company sought to identify these differences. Factors such as the child’s age, urbanicity (urban, suburban, rural settings), and the parent’s work model (remote, hybrid, on-site) were considered to tailor solutions effectively.


The comprehensive research provided the company with invaluable insights into the most pressing parent pain points with existing childcare solutions. Leveraging SIVO’s seamless integration of qualitative and quantitative capabilities, the company was able to:

  1. Identify Key Pain Points: The research identified important challenges faced by individuals, particularly related to concerns about safety, the need for adaptable services, and the quality of provided experiences.
  2. Analyze Essential and Additional Services: An in-depth analysis distinguished between basic necessary components and supplementary services that addressed specific needs. There was a noticeable willingness to invest more in features that enhanced overall quality and satisfaction.
  3. Segment-Specific Insights: The research offered a detailed understanding of how needs varied based on different factors such as demographics and lifestyle. For example, certain groups prioritized safety and nurturing environments, while others valued enrichment and additional activities.
  4. Programming Recommendations: Based on the gathered insights, detailed recommendations were developed for future offerings. These recommendations included specific preferences for various activities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to service provision.

Overall, the qualitative and quantitative exploration enabled the company to align its services more closely with parental needs and expectations in a post-pandemic context. By addressing the identified pain points and offering tailored solutions, the company positioned itself to better serve the evolving childcare landscape, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction and trust among parents.

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The qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by the company, with the support of SIVO, has illuminated critical insights into the evolving childcare needs of parents in a post-pandemic world. By understanding and addressing the specific pain points, preferences, and willingness to invest in enhanced childcare solutions, the company is better equipped to provide exceptional services that resonate with parents’ needs. 

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