Project Overview

SIVO recently collaborated with one of the world’s largest spirits and wine companies, to provide rich insights, strong storytelling, and actionable, strategic recommendations. Despite being a renowned brand, this company faced challenges in remaining top-of-mind for their consumers. They sought to understand how and where to engage with their audience more effectively to boost conversions. SIVO led virtual ethnographies across six countries and three consumer profiles using a mobile platform. This innovative approach allowed us to closely follow individuals during their drinking occasions, gaining deep insights into their values, emotions, motivations, and triggers.

Research Methodology

Our methodology centered around virtual ethnographies, a cutting-edge approach to consumer research that offers a real-time glimpse into consumers’ lives. We conducted this study across six countries, encompassing a diverse range of cultural and social contexts. By utilizing a mobile platform, we were able to track participants’ drinking habits and behaviors in real time, providing an authentic and comprehensive understanding of their experiences.

Key Findings

Through this comprehensive research, three primary consumer or occasion profiles were identified and meticulously examined. Each profile was explored within its specific context, delving into various factors such as their values, inspirations, emotions, motivations, and triggers. Additionally, the study looked at how individuals prepare for these occasions.

The analysis also considered the role of the client’s particular beverage in each scenario, investigating what factors influence purchase decisions. Moreover, the research highlighted subtle yet significant differences across various countries.

The findings provided a nuanced understanding of how and why consumers choose this beverage for different occasions, shedding light on the intricate motivations behind their choices. This deep dive into consumer behavior offers valuable insights into the diverse ways people engage with and enjoy the beverage across different cultural and social settings.


The insights gathered from this research were instrumental in developing thought-starters that linked this company more closely to the core consumer occasions identified. These actionable insights have been used to inform the brand’s strategic direction and guardrails for new campaigns. As a result, this company is now equipped with a deeper understanding of their consumers, enabling them to create more relevant and targeted marketing campaigns.

Leveraging Virtual Ethnography to Drive Strategic Business Decisions

The virtual ethnography project with one of the world’s largest spirits and wine companies exemplifies the power of combining rich qualitative exploration with quantitative validation to drive strategic business decisions. By understanding the intricate details of consumer behavior and preferences, this company can now better position themselves in the market and strengthen their connection with consumers.

At SIVO, we specialize in delivering deep, actionable consumer insights that drive business success. Whether you are a global brand or a growing business, our innovative research methodologies can help you understand your audience and make informed strategic decisions. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals.