Unlock Product Innovation via Ethnography and Mobile Diary


One of the largest and longest-standing health-haloed food brands had well-developed consumer profiles and a clear understanding of their snacking occasions. What the brand did not understand were the whys behind their consumers’ snacking choices. What do consumers consider when choosing a snack, and what ultimately tips the scale towards their final decision? By teasing out the multitude of nuances that inform these powerful, micro-burst moments, the brand was looking to discover the still hidden and unmet snacking desires waiting to be satisfied.


SIVO Insights dove into the consumer psyche to unpack the emotional, sensory, and physical experiences that simultaneously influence the entire eating occasion from decision to satisfaction. Mobile Diaries allowed participants to capture these fleeting mini-experiences in the moment of snacking. Participants with the most robust and vibrant mobile diary were further engaged in dynamic ethnographic dialogues to magnify key insights through environmental context, language use, and behavioral cue observations.


By using “in-the-moment” mobile diary research techniques, SIVO Insights caught the flash-in-the-pan nuances often lost by traditional “recall and reflect” methods. The result is truer and more authentic insights into whys behind consumer behaviors and purchases. The brand team not only had a segmented understanding of why consumers made their food choices, but the findings honed in on consumer-driven focus areas ripe for innovation and renovation. News of the unparalleled findings quickly spread throughout the company as adjacent categories continue to seek out and use the learnings to implement additional growth strategies.