“Super-Charge” Your Consumer Research with Market Intelligence!

by Heather Niemczycki 

Some changes in the market are obvious, such as, inflation, changing employment rates, and the macro effects of the pandemic.  But what about those subtle, not-so-obvious changes that can also have a lasting impact on your brand?  Tapping into market intelligence can help you to anticipate changing consumer behaviors, before they impact the health of your brand.

Initiating consumer research is a typical starting point for understanding changing consumer attitudes and behavior.  However, you can actually super-charge your research with an informed view of market dynamics before you engage with consumers!

SIVO utilizes advanced cultural context analysis tools that combine data collection from the public web (news, blogs, social media, reviews, etc.) with statistical modeling, to uncover insights into existing market dynamics.

Keep reading to understand it in practice…

Example Output Using SIVO’s Web Analytics Tools:
Inflation Impacts + Grocery Shopping = Changing Consumer Sentiment and Values

Gaining market intelligence like this, BEFORE deep dives into qualitative or quantitative research drives better inquiry and ultimately, adds depth to the research results by delivering consumer insights in the context of the broader marketplace dynamics.  

To Super-Charge your consumer research with SIVO’s Market Intelligence toolkit, contact us today at contact@SIVOinsights.com.

In partnership with METAMETRIX, SIVO Insights leverages the METAMETRIX advantage to guide clients in finding better insights, exploring bigger opportunities, and making business decisions that drive greater change by connecting them to broader consumer trends.​

METAMETRIX is the first and only platform to analyze any unstructured text data in real-time, revealing the motivating values and emotions buried in the data.​



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