Strategic Planning Execution Consulting: Without Strategy, Execution Starves

Is your organization hungry for strategic intent?

We are living and working in an environment that is full of volatility and change.  Many organizations are hungry for strategic intent, a term used to describe the intended direction, purpose, and plans that leaders put in place to achieve their organization’s vision.

Setting and Communicating StrongStrategic Intent Pays Off in Many Ways:

  • Drives alignment across the organization
  • Illuminates new opportunities for growth
  • Creates excitement and engagement 
  • Builds onto existing brand equity

SIVO Insights helps organizations set their strategic intent, by leading and facilitating the strategic planning process. This strategic planning  process can be summarized into three steps. Leaders must: 

1. Assess, 

2. Align 

3. Articulate


Leaders must gather and assess relevant trends, consumer insights, market intelligence and institutional knowledge to answer critical questions across the 5C’s Assessment Framework.


Do customers want to ‘hire’ your product?


With this knowledge in hand, leaders participate in a facilitated strategic planning session to review their assessment of the 5C’s, to ideate, prioritize and most importantly, to align on the mission, vision, and values that will carry the organization into the future.


Lastly, leaders need to articulate their strategic intent—the vision, mission and values as well as the plan—to employees, collaborators, stakeholders, and in some cases to consumers and customers. This communication needs to happen repeatedly, in multiple forums, in-person or virtually, in internal documentation, as well as, in external communication. Strategic Intent can’t be communicated enough to ensure it is internalized by all parties.

Strategic Intent Consulting: Get Transformational Insights

In this time of continuous change, with a refreshed grounding in foundational insights and market intelligence, combined with solid strategic planning (i.e., Assess, Align and Articulate), you can give your organization and your stakeholders what they are hungering for . . . strong strategic intent. Let SIVO help with strategic intent consulting!

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