Making the Case for On Demand Talent is Easy as 1-2-3! 

“CEOs aren’t feeling the need to hoard labor as much as they once did. A quarterly survey of CEO confidence released on February 8, 2024, by The Conference Board, a think tank, shows 23% of CEOs expect to lay off workers in the next 12 months, up from 13% from the previous quarter.” *  

With employee staffing constraints and cutbacks sweeping through many companies, business teams are feeling the pressure. So how does the work get done?

We know that business leaders continue to seek actionable insights to guide their decisions but there are fewer people and often not enough time to get it all done. Many insights teams are turning to fractional talent to fill staffing gaps. This provides the freedom to say “YES” to internal stakeholders, set strategies and take on new projects while not burning out the team or falling short on annual objectives.   

As teams consider their staffing options, here are three easy steps for making the case for adding fractional resources. 

Use information on hand to justify what the “current state” is costing you and the business.


Workforce talent continues to evolve and there is no shortage of options, including interns, fractional talent, contract to hire, or permanent hire.  Determining what’s best for you and your organization is key.  When evaluating the right resource for your needs, there are a few key questions.  Short vs. Long term?  Trained vs. Untrained?  Junior vs. Senior Level?  Hours per week?  Budget parameters?


Finding the right talent with experience and selling the option internally might seem daunting.  With the right solution, it is possible.  Present your case to internal stakeholders by outlining the business need, presenting a tight range of staffing solutions, including the benefits of your recommended choice, and the associated cost and timing.  You may also want to include the bios or resumes of the potential talent you are recommending.   

If your evaluation in Step 2 supports contract or fractional talent as the optimal solution, below are a few additional resources from SIVO that can help. 

SIVO On Demand Talent is here for you, with exceptional insights talent for fill-in roles or finite initiatives. You will experience the uniqueness of SIVO On Demand Talent through our Experience, Service and exceptional Talent! 

  • Experience: Our expert SIVO team supports you and our talent throughout the engagement ensuring a successful outcome for all. 
  • Service: We have been in your shoes, and we know what you need – a quick, personalized, hassle-free approach to ensure the right fit.​ 
  • Talent: Insights professionals with client-side experience who bring passion and confidence to your interim assignment or open role. 

Contact SIVO, Inc. at to discuss how SIVO can help you make the case for fractional talent.  Also, check out SIVO’s On Demand Talent Profiles to learn more about the many fractional Insights Professionals  – from Insights Generalists to Research Specialists – that can be an asset to you and your team and help you meet your goals.  

* Noted in a NerdWallet article, Will 2024 Be a Big Year for Layoffs?  February 2024 



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