Lululemon Listens Up

With more than $712 million in sales last year alone, you have to wonder what makes Lululemon Athletica, a high-end yoga clothing company, so successful in the midst of a teetering economy? In a recent Wall Street Journal article Lululemon’s Chief Executive Christine Day shares the qualitative in-store research methods that set the company apart.

From listening to shopper concerns to placing strategic chalkboards in dressing rooms for customers to voice their opinions, Lululemon has gone back to the basics and is listening to what customers really want. Ms. Day spends hours each week in Lululemon stores observing how customers shop, listening to their complaints, and then using the feedback to tweak product and stores. To learn more about Lululemon’s qualitative “secret sauce,” click here to read the full article.


Monthly Musings with Marilyn: Conscious Listening Creates Understanding

At Sivo Insights we listen for a living. It is through the art of listening that we are able to better understand your brand and what consumers really want in a world filled with noise.

From writing, audio, video and online media, the premium on careful and accurate listening has simply disappeared. Now more than ever it’s becoming harder to pay attention to the quiet, subtle and understated. That is why it is imperative that we learn how to slow down and become conscious listeners.

Recently I came across a great video titled “5 ways to listen better,” by Julian Treasure. Julian explains listening filters, listening positions and the meaning of conscious listening.

He also shares a simple acronym called RASA. The word rasa means filled with essence in Sanskrit. The acronym breaks down 4 easy steps to help you become a more conscious listener:





Listening is what we do best, but there is always room for improvement. Check out the video below and hear if you find something that inspires you too.

~Marilyn Weiss

President & Founding Partner




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